Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilting the Beauties Off the Wall Friday

Am I the only one that gets to the last phase of a project and just want to say, "Is this ever going to end?"  It seems that I've gotten to just that stage with the Beauties.  This is the time where you need to put your big girl pants on  - roll up your sleeves - and say, "Let's get after it!"

So I spent the week, doing just that - I got after it.

And you know what?  It wasn't half bad.  What I envisioned was actually coming out of the Janome and the Beauties are nearly quilted.  I just love the way the thread work is coming.  The puckers and the texture of fabric is really ringing true to my vision.  So relieved!

You want to know why I don't fuse?  This is why. . . .
And this. . . . .

See all the cool wrinkles and puckers and texture you get when the fabric isn't all glued down?  This piece has the nicest hand since two of the suits are silky shirting fabric (read Luscious! ).  It wouldn't be the same if it were all flat and stiff.  I do sometimes add so much thread work that a piece gets a little flat but that's a design decision  - not a bi-product of the technique I've done.  Besides, obviously these ladies are a bit curvy - what's a few wrinkles between friends if they're all in the right places??

So I'm nearly done with this now and don't see any problem getting it done in time for the Albion Fair on Tuesday.  I wouldn't have bothered entering it since our fair is very redneck rural, but they finally updated the quilt categories to include an "Original Design" (Yes - welcome to the 21st century!).


  1. I am so sad I didn't get a chance to work sthis week so I have nothing. But I love the Beauties!!


  2. I just wrote up my post about my thread for my project and also my collection. I love how your threads are all organized, so neat and tidy! I bet you find everything you need/want in an instant! I can't wait to see the beauties finished!

  3. ohhh yeah Sylvia - I have 4 big plastic boxes of thread sorted by type and color. I really need to get another box just for my hand quilting thread and a spool rack for my wall for the big spools (since I buy a lot of them now). I've emptied 3 spools this project - when that happens - I mark the color with tape and put them in my purse so I'm sure to replace them.

  4. I made it! Hope this time you can reply to me :)

  5. I so agree, Nina! I love the puckers that come with either hand quilting or machine quilting. Fusing has its own look, appropriate for some work and can be quite attractive in its own right. But I do love the texture of the puckers. I usually only use fusing as a basting, and then only in small pieces so it won't intrude on the puckering. But like I said earlier, an entire piece can be fused for its own sort of look.

    I think I have finally gotten a balance of color in my Tropical Ocean Sunset. Now I am wondering if I should cover the felting with tulle as unobtrusively as possible because as I bead, a lot of the fleece is getting roughed up. Opinions and suggestions will be appreciated on that.


Thank you so much for your comment! Its great to get feedback!!!