Friday, January 20, 2017

Background Browns - Off the Wall Friday

Me:  If I don't get going on this lesson, I'm going to miss the deadline.

Husband:  So go sew.

Me:  I can't.  I don't understand brown.

Husband:  What's there to understand?  Brown is brown.

Me:  No, she says that browns leans toward different colors and that's what I don't understand.

Husband:  Why are you trying to talk about color.  Color is a visual decision.  Don't you always say- (mimicking) "Make Visual Decisions Visually"  ???  You know color.
Go sew.

Smart man - I knew there was a reason I married him!!

So I put on my  big girl pants and attacked my browns.  Once I started looking, I did have quite a few and it wasn't hard to pull a bunch for a background.  The minute I started sewing, I thought, gee why did I think this was going to be hard.

I already had a rough sketch of my design and came up with a sample size - 12" by 24".  With one long stretch of studio time I was done.  Now that its together, I can see how the browns do have different undertones - but I'm still having trouble verbalizing them.  Luckily color doesn't need to be verbalized much!!

When I was done, I liked the background so well that I'm loathed to put something on it.  I'm definitely going to have to a monochromatic piece one of these days in brown.  Who knew I was going to fall in love?

So this weekend I'll be able to finish up the assignment and get it handed in on time.  I might even be able to get the stitching and quilting done of it!  YAY!!

So What Have You been up to Creatively?

Friday, January 13, 2017

In Search of Brown - Off the Wall Friday

My Arches piece that uses Brown as a nuetral

So, it all started when my mother was generous enough to give me for Christmas  an online 8 lesson class in Color, Composition, and Design with Katie Pasquini Masopust.  I like the idea of the class because it would jumpstart me back into the studio and being held accountable for your work is never a bad idea now and again.  Since after 25 yrs I've learned a thing or two about Color, Composition and Design . . .  I thought .. . . How hard can be it be?  Well, as always, there is always more to learn!

Apparently, Brown is much more than the color of dirt and tree bark!  Its a neutral.  (To be truthful, I  did know this but just don't often use it that way) Also, it can be created by mixing complementary colors.  Now this I did not know.  I thought to get brown you could just mix all three primary colors together equally.  (But if you think about it that's true too - BUT you only get one shade of brown that way).  So if you mix complementary colors you get many more shades of brown  - of course depending how much you of each hue you mix. And since you get complementary colors by mixing primary, I guess both statements are true.

Okay - got that - now searching out those browns in your stash is a whole other story.  You see I'll need them for my first lesson which is due in little over one week.  And I still haven't quite found all the browns.  Its not as if I don't own browns, and I make sure I dye more every year but truly - who looks carefully at browns when there are so many other colors in the crayon box. 

So I guess you'll have to stay tune to see where I go with this exploration in brown.  The rest of the lesson I totally understand (secretly saying to myself "Oh, I got this") but Brown is still a bit of mystery to me that will need a bit exploration this weekend.  I'll let you know what I find next week!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Art of the Day - Off the Wall Friday

The Path, Wihelm Morgner, 1913 (May 3, 2016 Calendar page)

A New Year - A New Calendar!!  For the last 3 years,  my favorite calendar,  Art Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar has sat on my desk. One of the small blessings of each day is to change the page each morning and see what amazing piece of art the editors had in store for me!  Sometimes it familiar, sometimes its new to me, sometimes the beauty catches my breath - and sometimes - not often - it makes me thing - O - M - G - what were they thinking!  It always is interesting and never mundane!!

Portrait of Dame Ellen Terry, George Watts, 1864

One of the ways, I've taken to ringing out the Old and ushering in the New is to looking through last year's calendars pages to see which I'm going to be saving.  I've started quite a little collection of them every year for future inspiration.  The calendar sits in a sturdy Lucite stand and the pictures are high quality paper.  The art displayed is everything from paintings, sculpture, fashion, photography, furniture etc. etc.  Each page has a caption on what is the piece is, by whom, and where its located now.  Also, some days, the editor chose to give high light a cropped section of the original piece which I actually really like.  It makes me think of that one small bit of a much larger work and inspires me to take interesting crops of my own work.

Mending the Sail, Joaquin Sorolla, 1836

Since I haven't quite started my new projects of my own (we're just finishing up on "Holiday" mode around here), I thought I would share some of the ones that I absolutely loved!  I'm sure  you can see from my selections how my tastes run to the impressionists and post impressionists era.  The calendar represents art across time, but the editors do seem to include a lot from my favorite art movements.   (Also, I noticed that they sell last year's calendar 2016 on Amazon at a reduced price if you just want to buy it to look at the pretty pictures!)

Dynamism of a Soccer Player, Umberto Boccioni, 1914

This weekend its back to studio for me!  I usually take a break each December since its the darkest and most busiest month of the year!!

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New's Years - Off the Wall Friday

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas! Off the Wall Friday

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays - Blessings to All of You and Yours.

So What Have Been Up to Creatively?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Off The Wall Friday

My last week of Christmas rush, I am officially all talked out so I'll just host!  I will be posting over the holidays and the linkup will be here for anybody who wants to join me!!  

So while I've been working away -

What Have Been Up to Creatively??


Friday, December 9, 2016

10 Gifts for Quilters 2016 - Off the Wall Friday

In 2014, I originally blogged this list andddddddd I thought quilters and artists deserved an update. Some practical, some whimsical, and some just darn cute!   Without further ado

 1.  Kallax Shelves from IKEA - Who doesn't like cubbie holes.  You can put little bins on them, holding fabric, paint, dye, notions, etc  - all on display.

2. Bobbin Buddies  - Now I  like my amazing bobbin cases (and mostly just use neutrals in the bobbin anyways)but some people like to have exact matching thread.  These handy, dandy idea are perfect for that  - especially if you are in the middle of  a project!

3.  Rotary Blades - 45 mm - I know boring right?  But these suckers are getting expensive and what quilter doesn't go too long  before replacing a dull one.  Not to mention a fresh rotary blade is heaven!

4.  Grayscale Markers - Can Anybody say Value Drawing???  Markers are just that much faster than pencils.  (My Christmas wishlist  this year included a set by Tombow)

5.  Quilt/Art Calendar - Does your quilter have a favorite artist??  Or quilting style??  A good calendar can keep her on track!  (My favorite is Art Page A Day Calendar - amazing quality!  Love seeing what piece of art pops up next and then I can recycle a lot of days into an inspirational notebook)

6.  A Raskog Utility Cart from Ikea - Storage, Movement, Storage, Movement - enough said

7.  Inspirational Sign for her Creative Space - I mean, seriously, Don't we all need some inspiration from time to time?

8.  Art  Book - Give the gift of knowledge!  On my wish list this year is Art: Over 2500 works from Cave to Contemporary

9.  A box of  local Take out Menus and a gift cards to go with them.  We all need to eat right?  But who wants to stop to cook the food?

10.  Time.  This has not changed since 2014 - Every quilter, every artist needs time.

Sorry this is posted late.  I'm just so poopped after work to get it done properly!!

So What Have You Been Up to Creatively?